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GETTING STARTED with Age of Sigmar : Warhammer Guide Part 1

Welcome to my channel! This is a new series for me based around Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. In this video I have made a guide to getting started with Age of Sigmar. Hopefully I can make several parts on this, looking at questions like “how to play” and “should I read the books?” if you guys are interested. This video took a long time to make and edit so I hope I didn’t make any mistakes and I hope you enjoy it. I’m still having a blast making these videos  and that is all thanks to you amazing people that support me. This video is mostly for people who are new to Age of Sigmar and have no idea how to get into the hobby and want to know if it is any good. I personally love it and hope that making videos like these gets more people into the hobby. Just remember to respect other people’s opinions. Anyway, stay awesome 🙂 Ask any questions you may have in the comments and let me know if you want more of these. Share this video to help get more interest 😀 And stay awesome guys! You have all been so supportive and encouraging. You are the best community I’ve ever found. Ask me your questions in the comments. Please remember to like and subscribe to join TEAM KITETSU!
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