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Age of Sigmar Lore: Idoneth Deepkin with WGO Sam

The latest army to hit the Realms of the Age of Sigmar are the Idoneth Deepkin. A mysterious, dark and reclusive race of Aelves whose history comes from the Old World and is reborn in the Age of Myth.

Alongside an awesome array of miniatures is a new, interesting background. Who are the Idoneth Deepkin, what do they do and why?

WGO Sam goes over some of the first information we have on this in a new type of video coming to WargamerOnline. As we get more publications and the release of this awesome army, the information will be a little clearer and we will know even more about this cursed faction.

For now, thanks for watching, we hope you enjoy and if you want more feel free to request future videos related on Age of Sigmar lore and background.

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