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Ghouls vs Skeletons vs Zombies – Which is the most dangerous?

The Undead are a pretty nifty army in every wargame. Where the Elven races are always good at shooting from a distance, Orcs are great at spreading chaos, and Dwarves are resilient to more or less everything – the realms of the dead have none of that. Instead, the Undead are tenacious. That’s their thing. […]

Making Low Cost Lava Terrain

After two unconnected hobby events, the first being supplied with a lava terrain mat and the second was Sam entrusting the completion of his Fyreslayers to me, I though it would be great to make some Lave terrain. I set out with a few objectives for the project. Production and painting needed to be quick […]

How deadly are the Bloodthirsters?

There are few things quite as terrifying in the Warhammer universe as the gods of Chaos. Each one has their own philosophies and monstrosities that make them forces of evil and forces of reckoning. Each of the gods has their own power, thirst, and want for destruction – each with their own abilities and beasts […]