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Forum Rules


The Wargameronline Forum is designed to be a family friendly space where you can enjoy all aspects about our hobby and escape the real world and engage with other like-minded individuals. We do have some rules which we would like you to follow in order to keep this the fun, friendly and hobby-orientated place that it should be:

Respect each other, keep discussions civil and remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Keep the fighting on the battlefield!
We have zero tolerance for personal attacks due to religion, race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

Keep the topics and posts Wargaming related, from time to time the chats can go off topic but this is not a place to get political, debate religion or other real life stuff.

We tried allowing members to post weekly to their own pages/group/youtube channel but unfortunately it seemed difficult to limit themselves. If you have updates and hobby progress to share, please feel free to add a direct image or talk about it on the group itself.

This is not a trading Forum, please do not treat it as one. If you are looking for a conversion part or companies for miniatures or tools/supplies it’s fine to ask but don’t use this group to offload your collection.

The WGO Forum is for everyone, all ages and experience. With this in mind we ask you to keep bad language out of your posts/comments while you are here, we want members to be able to invite their friends, family and children to the group without worrying about them reading gutter speak, any posts with bad language will be removed.

Any issues or questions please contact any Admin

Thank you all and happy Wargaming!