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01/05/2018 10:57 am  

Hi everyone. I just found the channel on YouTube and liked the videos so much I signed up here. I am new to the hobby and so far I've only got the  Codex Necrons book and a box of Necron Warriors. I've put them together and undercoated them but I'm waiting to paint them until I pick a color scheme. I picked Necrons because of the living metal rule and also because scary robots that come back to life are just awesome. My favorite person from the channel is Dave because he plays Necrons and because he was the best at playing speak out. My first miniture game was Walking Dead All Out War but I decided to start playing Warhammer because of the number of different armies and how each game looks like it plays differently depending on which army you are playing against. I hope that's enough for an introduction post.

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01/05/2018 11:08 am  

Hello, @void-dragoon and welcome to the Forum! Have a look around, check out the Project Logs and the Chronicles. Especially in the Chronicles there is currently at least one Necrons army showcased, might give you some ideas and you can always ask any questions you might have.

Don't forget there is more to the WargamerOnline than just the YouTube channel. Check the other sections of the website, there's a lot of additional content, even for the free subscribers.

And if you need any additional information or advice, just ask.

You and me, Lord. You and me.

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17/05/2018 8:18 am  

Hello @void.dragoon

Thanks for introducing yourself to the WGO Community. Lots of things on the website to explore. Have fun with Necrons ... the new super heavy walker shown at Warhammer Fest 2018 looks amazing!

Best Wishes