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Dark Imperium Blood Angels  

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08/02/2018 11:49 am  

So I've added these two to the army. I got the captain from the new year's open day at Warhammer World, and the Librarian is from Kill Team Cassius - I know he is a blood raven originally, but I have swapped out his shoulder pad 😉

I am theming them as current/former service Deathwatch members, and as I want to build more Deathwatch in the future, and I'll use them for either force, depending on which army I field - or, perhaps as a thematic link between a main force of one, with a small detachment of  the other!

I'll probably hold off more Deathwatch for the time being though, maybe until there is a Codex, so next up will be more full Blood Angels - can't decide yet though, if I want Reivers, a Redemptor Dreadnought, Death Company... the list goes on!


IMG 9227
IMG 9219
IMG 9224
IMG 9222
IMG 9220
IMG 9226
IMG 9218

Jake Frood
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04/03/2020 9:53 am  
Posted by: @issenhisshou

 I'm slowly building my Primaris Marines from Dark Imperium, after getting back into the hobby after many years away... I think the last edition of 40k I bought was 2nd edition...

Anyway, I'm working on Blood Anges, and have used the Forge World Blood Angels head upgrades, to give them a bit more character! These are the first two I've finished, but I'll post more as I go along.

IMG 9101
IMG 9096
IMG 9095
IMG 9094
IMG 9100
IMG 9098
IMG 9097
IMG 9099

How did you do the paint scheme on the backpack?

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