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DJ's Stygies project  


Darren Jenkinson
Tactical Marine
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08/10/2018 11:19 pm  

Hi,  so I started this project a few years ago when the Kastellan robots came out in 7th, just because I like them and the whole Adapticus Mechanicus aesthetic. The reason choosing Stygies, I didn't want to send ages agonising over a scheme and background , prefer to get some paint down on some cool minis.  Anyway I like the idea Stygies are a bit on the edge and I have a few Xenos armies plus there is quite a few directions narratively you can go with them.  Have a Deathwatch KillTeam that could be used for or against them too.  Not mention interplay with Inquisition. 

Anyway here are some of minis;

20180604 223232
20180528 213356
20180423 225707

20181008 225857
20181008 230029
20181008 230047
20181008 230112

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