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A Tale of Four (Cambridge) Warlords  

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Neil Hamilton
Joined: 10 months ago
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02/12/2018 6:03 pm  

So end of November has crept up and the painting has gone pretty well for me. I managed to get all the paint on the models but not quite been able to finish the basing (this seems to be a trend). So here are pictures of my battalion the namarti corp which consists of 2 units of thralls, 2 units of reavers and a soulrender.

20181130 144326

20181130 144352
20181130 144346
20181130 144336

December is going to be our last month for this AoS tale of four gamers and the theme is to doing a centrepiece model. For my idoneth there was only one choice, the eidolon of mathlann! I am also going to try and paint something for my stormcast so going to try and paint up the celestant prime model I've had sitting around for over a year as my stretch goal for this month.

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James Hall
Tactical Marine
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08/12/2018 5:24 pm  

So my post is a little late for last month due to a holiday but I'm happy to report that I completed my pledge (the small amount of it that I actually had to do). The first part of my pledge was to complete a battalion, for which I chose the Execution Horde due to the low amount of models I needed to paint to finish it off (being a unit of Spirit Hosts and a Lord Executioner). 

20181208 164752
20181208 164737

With those models done I had my completed battalion, with my Lord Executioner now ready to remind those warlords foolish enough to oppose Nagash of the fear of Death

20181208 164831

As well as the battalion I also wanted to start clearing up the small amount of additional models I had so I chose to also paint the anniversary Guardian of Souls to add another spellcaster to my force. Another cracking (if very expensive) Nighthaunt hero that was a joy to paint. I tried to blend the cloak like I'd done with the Knight of Shrouds and Lord Executioner to tie them all together and I think it came out quite well.

20181208 164725

With November now done however we move into the final month of the Tale and with the task to paint a fitting centrepiece there's really only one model that will do - Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief

99120207064 LadyOlynder01

This will be a real challenge for me as I want to apply everything I've practiced with all the other models I've painted to really do this model justice. I think this should be a fitting end for my Tale with the Nighthaunt and will leave me with very little left to paint in order to make out a tournament ready list for a Throne of Skulls next year

James Hall
Tactical Marine
Joined: 9 months ago
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01/01/2019 4:22 pm  

We are now in 2019 and with that it means that our Tale is officially over. It's been a great time filled some very memorable moments, but enough reminiscing for now, there's more important things to discuss like pledges!

For this month I had a very 'simple' task which was to paint Lady Olynder as the centrepiece to my collection of Nighthaunt. What I quickly realised once I began painting however is that pure white is an absolute pain in the ass to do. Using the 'Eavy Metal model as a basis I tried my best to paint her to a similar style, altering whichever bits I could to better tie here to my own army. It took me the whole month (and a lot of different paint mixtures!) to get the model done but I'm very happy with the end results.

20190101 162606

Hopefully I've managed to make a model that is a fitting centrepiece for my army that stands out in the crowd of ghosts but still looks like a part of the greater whole. So how does the army all look together? 

20181231 114440

There it is in all it's ghostly glory for a grand total of 2080 points! I've been absolutely put to shame by everyone else based on points painted but I'm overjoyed with my completed army. There's still a few models that I need to add if I want a 'competitive' 2000 point force which I'll be working on this year but for now I'm giving the ghosts a break and looking to work on some other projects. 

So there we have it, my first Tale of Four Warlords done and a painted army ready to haunt the gaming tables of Cambridge and beyond. It's been a great 2018 and this Tale has really energised me to get more involved with the hobby and start painting the rest of my model backlog! A special thanks to my fellow warlords Tim, Neil and Matt for making it such a great experience. Here's to 2019 and another year of gaming goodness!

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Matthew Edgeworth
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01/01/2019 5:19 pm  

2019 is upon us and with it comes the End of our Tale.

It's been bloody brilliant playing and painting with my fellow warlords over the last seven months, and I'm astounded at how much everyone has done and how successful we've all been! (but more on that shortly!)

Let's start my final hobby post with what I've managed this month. The theme was a "final center piece" / big model to wrap up, and I pledged to complete the Forge World Magma Dragon.

Which I did!

IMG 3186
IMG 3185
IMG 3184

To be honest, I really didn't enjoy painting this guy. I didn't appreciate how tightly packed the scales were, and how they weren't really amenable to dry-brushing. So my plans to drybrush the hell out of it fell over pretty quickly! It also think I was still suffering from burnout, and combined with Christmas meant I was really struggling in early December.

But as soon as my Christmas holiday kicked in I got my hobby mojo back and pushed forward to complete two stretch pledges.

This first was to complete 10 more Savage Orruks, bringing the squad up to the full complement of 20!

IMG 3182
IMG 3181

This last addition saw my full destruction force reach a FRUSTRATING 3960 points... and I couldn't bring myself to leave it so awkwardly pointed...

enter a final Endless Spell - Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws!

IMG 3187
IMG 3188

For the final model in the collection I decided to actually cave and paint a bright, vibrant Waaagh! energy green... perfect to accompany my fairly enormous army!

So that's that! What started as a simple Beastclaw Raiders army has blossomed (fairly rapidly) into 4000 points of Destruction.

IMG 3191


(apologies for the bad photos... only place with enough space was my landing floor!)

76 Orruks

10 Ogors

3 Yeti's

1 Gargant

1 Magma Dragon

1 Endless spell

92 models in total.... (fairly annoyed I didn't hit 100 now!!) wow...

Amazing to think this was all done in 7 months really... 

I wana sign off by thanking my fellow Warlords. Without their encouragement (and a healthy level of rivalry and banter) I would never have got this far! 2018 has been a blinder

And whilst this tale comes to a close I promise we'll be back with something new in 2019.


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Neil Hamilton
Joined: 10 months ago
Posts: 16
04/01/2019 8:38 am  

So this tale comes to an end with the last theme being to add a centrepiece model to our forces, so I chose to add a might Eidolon of Mathlann in its Aspect of the Storm.  This model isn't the largest in the range but the wave cloak is very unique, characterful and eye catching (and was the last non named character model type I hadn't painted as part of the tale.


And here is the finished article;

49010361 360685394726562 7644842663606222848 n

49206735 733851750327450 3741440513711013888 n

The cloak had concerned me at first as to how easily it could be painted to look nice but it worked really well with me painting it as i would a cloak on any of the other models then drybrushed it with palid wych flesh and white scar which really worked to give it that crashing wave look while still looking like a cloak and matching with the rest of the force that I've painted easily.


In total I've painted about 3500pts of Idoneth with a few Stormcast and endless spells in there too.

49422652 735502466822575 1198101416644706304 n
49479583 377371126172293 4547721126322634752 n
49206177 1041744409355946 8819205997869400064 n

I'm very pleased with how much I've painted (even if some bases still need doing/finishing) and am hoping to start some work on the gaming side to make a 2000pt list that I get on with and does well in game.

Now its onto project new, so hopefully see you soon with something shiny and new 🙂

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