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A Tale of Four (Cambridge) Warlords  

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Neil Hamilton
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02/12/2018 6:03 pm  

So end of November has crept up and the painting has gone pretty well for me. I managed to get all the paint on the models but not quite been able to finish the basing (this seems to be a trend). So here are pictures of my battalion the namarti corp which consists of 2 units of thralls, 2 units of reavers and a soulrender.

20181130 144326

20181130 144352
20181130 144346
20181130 144336

December is going to be our last month for this AoS tale of four gamers and the theme is to doing a centrepiece model. For my idoneth there was only one choice, the eidolon of mathlann! I am also going to try and paint something for my stormcast so going to try and paint up the celestant prime model I've had sitting around for over a year as my stretch goal for this month.

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James Hall
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08/12/2018 5:24 pm  

So my post is a little late for last month due to a holiday but I'm happy to report that I completed my pledge (the small amount of it that I actually had to do). The first part of my pledge was to complete a battalion, for which I chose the Execution Horde due to the low amount of models I needed to paint to finish it off (being a unit of Spirit Hosts and a Lord Executioner). 

20181208 164752
20181208 164737

With those models done I had my completed battalion, with my Lord Executioner now ready to remind those warlords foolish enough to oppose Nagash of the fear of Death

20181208 164831

As well as the battalion I also wanted to start clearing up the small amount of additional models I had so I chose to also paint the anniversary Guardian of Souls to add another spellcaster to my force. Another cracking (if very expensive) Nighthaunt hero that was a joy to paint. I tried to blend the cloak like I'd done with the Knight of Shrouds and Lord Executioner to tie them all together and I think it came out quite well.

20181208 164725

With November now done however we move into the final month of the Tale and with the task to paint a fitting centrepiece there's really only one model that will do - Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief

99120207064 LadyOlynder01

This will be a real challenge for me as I want to apply everything I've practiced with all the other models I've painted to really do this model justice. I think this should be a fitting end for my Tale with the Nighthaunt and will leave me with very little left to paint in order to make out a tournament ready list for a Throne of Skulls next year

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