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Simmering fyre  


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30/09/2019 12:03 pm  

I need a break from the aetherricanum project, so I decided to finally do something about a metric tonne of my grey Fyreslayers. Somehow this is one army I've not yet painted a single model and I think it's been mostly down to not feeling confident about painting so much flesh. So I decided to start with a test model from the Chosen Axes, since they're more of a collectables than playables anyway.

I always knew I wanted my Fyreslayers dark-skinned, what with all the volcanic lore, smouldering and all that. So, originally I was thinking of going black and then just highlighting it to red/brown, or dark red. However... If you can't paint it metallic, it ain't no worth paintin', amirite?

Cue the Fyrelayers of Chamon, where flesh becomes metal.


Skin test being satisfactory, got onto the hair last night and my first ever attempt at wet blending on the miniature. This is not 100% what I was aiming for, but at this stage probably the best I can do. We'll see how it goes. Bad light for these photos, but it's just a little progress report anyway.

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