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The Aetherricanum  

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Rich Mortz
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18/04/2019 4:52 am  

Awesome looking model. 👍 

Necrons - Too Metal To Die

Coleman liked
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15/05/2019 1:55 pm  

All's been quiet on the Western front for various reasons. On one hand, because I'm just too busy and have too many other things to do and partially because I wasn't happy with the concept and had to step back and give it time to brew in my head. So here's the problem. Obviously, the original cart for the Steam Tank has two axles and four wheels. Upon my shortening in order to fit the whole thing on a 120mm base, I was left with two axle cart and one axle Tank part. Which doesn't need to be a problem, but it is. I have limited options to join these two parts and it works out best if I try to use the chains that the horses use to pull the Hurricanum normally. Which would make the first part of the machine physically impossible. It acts as a pulling engine, it needs to be able to function on its own, when decoupled from the Hurricanum part. So the other two wheels had to be added somehow. What you see below is a proof of concept and everything is (quite visibly) held together bu the Blu Tack (although the actual Cart for the Hurricanum is now assembled and glued together). I think I like it enough to try and take it from there now.


IMG 20190514 214702
IMG 20190514 214637
IMG 20190514 214618
IMG 20190514 214555
IMG 20190514 214533
IMG 20190514 214513
IMG 20190514 214439

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