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We've built this city on Steam and Dwarfs...  


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13/11/2019 10:22 am  

Well, not only. I see people trying to cobble up 100% dwarf Cities' lists and even I can't understand why would you do this to yourself. But, as we all know, this book opened the Pandora's bits box, so I got on board with that. As I had quite a few Disposessed Warriors sitting in boxes, now out of their jobs, and not fully satisfied with the idea of just running them as the Freeguild Guard, I took ten of those pragmatic, ingenious followers of Grungni and, with a little bit of DIY made them fit for service as a unit of Greatswords*.

IMG 20191105 175335
IMG 20191105 175258
IMG 20191105 175218
IMG 20191105 175125
IMG 20191105 175034
IMG 20191105 174953


*so to speak.

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