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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I upgrade from Freemium to Premium?

A: Just follow these 5 steps:

2) At the bottom of the page is a link, click on “view details
3) At the bottom of the page is a link, under Actions click on “Upgrade
4) Then click on the button “Upgrade Subscription
5) You should be taken to Paypal for your details.
That should be it!

Q: I wasn’t asked for payment when I registered for Premium?

A: We have discovered that if you are visiting the site via Facebook and hence it’s built in browser, you will not progress to the payment page because Facebook blocks the secure Paypal page (Cheers Facebook). Unfortunately this means you will not be allowed access to Premium content until to complete the payment process. Please return to the site via a web browser, Log in and go the the my account page to complete your subscription. Sorry Folks: its a Facebook thing!


Q: Who does Sam’s manicure?

A: Mike is a fully trained manicurist (nail technician) and spends somewhere between 10-15 mins everyday on Sam’s hands.