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  • For our PATRON members who want to give additional support to us to grow and flourish! Minimum of £5.99 but more is appreciated!
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What you get:

Exclusive early access to content At least 1 month* early access to a range of our content including our in depth, multi-camera battle reports, full model painting tutorials on a wide range of miniatures, Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar campaign videos and much more. *Some content will be available to premium members for much longer than a month and not be available for free!

Entry into giveaways:

We giveaway a range of things to our Premium subscribers and they get bigger the more we grow! Examples of giveaways: Choice of products up to a set amount of money (£20, £50, £100 etc), fully painted miniature/s featured in tutorials on WargamerOnline, complete review kits/boxed games and products shown on the channel

Access to resources:

As hobbyists, we design and create resources to use for ourselves. We also will share these with you! You get access to files and spreadsheets, stuff like: 3D designed objects to print off and use (think bases, scenery, tokens and other objects useful in our hobby), the ever-growing paint scheme combo spreadsheet and custom scenarios/rulesets which we use in our own games.

Why pay?

Keep WargamerOnline, Online! We simply wouldn’t be here without the support you have given us, on top of receiving the benefits listed above, you are allowing us to pay our bills and keep the content fresh (there is a lot to cover and you help us keep up to date and current). Increase quality & quantity As we grow, we are able to upgrade our equipment and improve our content, we try to make the quality as good as we can with multi camera battle reports and simple but effective graphics and overlays. It also allows us to dedicate more time to producing content and get more people involved to increase the quantity giving you more to watch.

Help us grow

The more content we can create, the more content you and others in our wonderful hobby can view. Putting more of our releases on Youtube lets the wider range of hobbyists watch and enjoy/learn from our work. We want to help as much of the Wargaming community as possible and by supporting us you are making that happen!

How much does it cost?

£2.99 a month makes your account a Premium subscription account giving you all the benefits listed above. If you have a free account you can upgrade your account at any time through your ACCOUNT PAGE.

If you are new to WargamerOnline just create your account today and select the Premium subscription option!